Monday, October 16, 2006

3G is Destinated to Failure

When 3G providers are launching the 3G services, I think that it will not success. The currently marketed feature of 3G is the video call. However, I would not use a 3G phone because of the video. First, the video resolution sucks. Second, I don't want the person (esp. girl) I am talking to know where I am.

Now the market shift the focus from the video call to video content. It won't work for me neither. First, why on earth I want to watch video on the street? Listening music or radio is OK but watching video? Nah...

Secondly, it is way too expensive. Well, bandwidth and information have their price but not for video entertainment. Moreover, as digital TV become more popular, there are a lot of free entertainment signals for the public already. If we could decode the signal with a TV box, why can't we decode it with a mobile phone?

Conclusion: 3G is destinated to failure