Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Troubleshooting Slow BizTalk Admin Console

Since SQL Server is the backend storage of BizTalk, performance of SQL Server affects the rest of the BizTalk components. When the BizTalk Admin Console is running slowly
  • Check the sizes of BizTalk databases
  • Check the connectivity to the SQL Server
    • Open a connection with SQL Server Management Studio see if it behaves the same
    • Check for network connectivity
    • Try out different protocol configurations
      • Operation guys may comes in and update the SQL's port number to something rather than the default 1433 port leaving your BizTalk server untouched. The SQL client on the BizTalk server falls back to use Named Pipe after the TCP timeout (depends on the priority of protocol).
  • Try set the Recovery Mode of all BizTalk databases from Full to Simple
    • Not recommended in production environment
    • You should know the implication. If you do not, please read MSDN.