Monday, March 05, 2007

Adobe Flex Push

There are ready to go assemblers in FDS samples application provided for you to develop your own Flex application with FDS. It is quite impressive that when a client update a piece of data, the FDS can synchronize the data to other Flex client without extra coding. However, what if you only want to push some changes to the client?

Calling update in assembler may be a good option. Using the DataServiceTransaction could be better:
DataServiceTransaction tx = DataServiceTransaction.begin(false);
Rate rate = ... // get the rate from some streaming data source

// do any necessary calculation
tx.updateItem("fds.rate", rate, null, null);
This snippet should get the job done on the server side. On the client side, you need to handle the FDS message:

public function handleMessage(event):void {
if ( == event.message.body[2].id) {
rate = event.message.body[2];
<mx:label text="{rate.value}"/>
<mx:dataservice id="dsRate" destination="fds.rate" message="handleMessage(event)" />

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